About CAT Scans

Dental CAT Scan High Wycombe Buckinghamshire A CAT Scan is a special kind of X-ray device that produces 3D colour images of your head, teeth, jawbone and facial muscles in incredible detail. With the added benefit that radiation levels are considerably lower than traditional dental radiographs.

A CAT Scan allows us to plan for complex dental procedures such as dental implant treatment with incredible precision and accuracy.


We use a Dental CAT Scan  :

  • To check a patient's suitability for dental implants
  • To check bone depth, width and density prior to placement of implants
  • To find the best location to place an implant, avoiding sinuses and nerve canals
  • To have a 3-D view of the sinus cavities to assess the need for sinus lifts
  • To detect vertical root fractures that may not be visible on a panoramic X-ray
  • To check the proximity of an impacted 3rd molar or other tooth or nerve canal
  • To investigate damage associated with previous root canal treatment

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